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Proprietary Technology

We own and operate our proprietary technology that includes an ad server, direct ad serving components, RTB bidders, self-service portals and analytics. Owning technology gives us full control over our platform and also enables us to build unique and custom solutions for specific clients and evolving market needs.

Click DSP

Operating a DSP to sell CPM based traffic has its own challenges from technical and business stand point. And we took on an additional challenge to now offer a click DSP to our clients. This meant writing optimizers that would optimize campaigns in near-real time so we can drive quality clicks to our clients.

Data Science

We have already been working on important aspects of the DSP platform like bid optimization and fraud detection that involves analyzing bid requests coming at thousands of requests per second and also analyzing post-impression data. We look at data science in Ad tech as a journey and not a destination and are working on new ways of analyzing placements and improving media buys for our clients.

Our sales and technology teams are looking forward to working with you to design a technology solution or a media plan.


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